Ylang-Ylang: Best Essential Oil has plantation in Tarlac

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When I was a kid, Ylang-Ylang flowers was common to me as a necklace sold by some vendors.


I never know that there is more of the story about that will make us having this tree to be proud as a filipino.

What is Ylang-Ylang flowers and why its special?

Its English name is “Cananga odorata“, or known in Philippines as “Ylang-ylang”. 
It is known as a perfume tree with its aromatic scent. This tropical tree can be found at Anao Tarlac in the Central Luzon Region 3 part of the Philippines. 

Ylang-Ylang name comes from a love story fairy tale

The name derived from a fairytale love story. A loving couple longs to have a child so they asked the gods to give them. The gods granted the women’s wish by showing up in her dream that she would have a daughter named “Ylang”. But there is a strict instruction that she cannot be touched by a man. The dream came into life and Ylang was born and years passed she turned into a beautiful lady. She got many suitors so her parents trapped her into a chamber. 
One day, she was able to escape and went in the garden to pick flowers and a man saw her and held her hand to say “I love You”. There was a spell in it that she cannot be touched by a man, suddenly, Ylang vanished away and a little tree with yellow petals took her place. The young man called the tree “Ylang-Ylang”. It has an aromatic scent so since then, women use its flowers as an accessory. 

A visit to the Anao Ylang Ylang Plantation and Laboratory

I, Shermaine of Sherfriends blog together with the Department of Tourism Region 3 and the bloggers of Tarlac, Bulacan, Pampanga  and Mag Travel and Tours visited its plantation and its center where they turned its flowers into an aromatic essential oil that was being added in one of the world class perfume of Chanel 5.

It was 1994 when Anao started this.
Inside the laboratory, the flowers was cooked in a container that has a capacity of more than 20 kilos and was cooked for 30 minutes.

Only the flowers with a red spot in it which signifies that it is already ripe are the ones used for extraction.       

According to verywealth.com,
Ylang ylang essential oil is also used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve mood, and enhance libido. 
Ylang-ylang essential oil can ne used too as a natural insect repellent.
It also helps the skin to quickly heals wounds and diminish skin scars.

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Watch this video on our visit to Anao Tarlac’s Ylang-Ylang Plantation.



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