On Getting Pregnant + Mustela 9 Months Giveaway

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On Getting Pregnant + Mustela 9 Months Giveaway

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It has been four days since I learned I was pregnant & eventually lost Baby Blood. I knew how tough the pregnancy could be because I already have a handful 4-year-old to attend to and I don’t have anyone to assist me. No husband around everyday & no nanny to help. Perhaps, it was God’s way of telling me to focus on my dear Sophia first. Now that I have experienced having a miscarriage, I super duper love getting pregnant & giving birth. I didn’t feel any pain after giving birth. Just a bit of emotional pain better known as post-partum depression (PPD). I had PPD big time! I was staring at this little stranger I was feeding milk and then I suddenly cried. A certified crack moment. {Insert MMK theme song}. However, it was easy to recover because my mom was there to make things okay. When I really got irritated at the infant Sophia who wailed like a baby cow by the way, Mama will get her from me then and put her to sleep. Now that I live with MIL, I didn’t get the chance to become a mother the 2nd time because God knows I will be handling things on my own. I can see that MIL cares, but I think she has her own ways to show her concern; and taking care of me is not one of them. But I truly appreciate that she looked after my daughter when I went to see my OB-GYN last Saturday.

Rhambo came home from a military operation
and surprised me during my baby shower.
I miss him so much.My OB-GYN, Dr. Madonna Calderon-Domingo of St.Victoria Hospital in Marikina City is a real nurturer. She was the one who took care of me when I was pregnant with Sophia. I had a few bumps on my 9-month journey with my Little Bebeng; but she didn’t pass any chance of letting me lose LB. I had a bad contraction on my 7th month, but she managed to keep LB attached in my tummy until my 9th. Now that I consulted her again due to this endless bleeding, she knew how I wanted this pregnancy badly. She was listening & quiet while I was sobbing like a child. We both knew that time that I already lost baby blood. But she still wanted to make sure. She has miraculous hands which could make a baby stay alive in the womb so I believed her. She advised me to have a Trans-V ultrasound. God has other plans, only a fluid was left of my baby. Dr. Domingo then prescribed me a medicine to help the bleeding stop. It was Methergine. A medicine I am so starting to hate. It kicks my body so badly I find it hard to walk, cough and even sneeze. The back pain is the craziest ever! It reaches up to my V as if something is pounding it. I will end up crying. And my crying bouts will lull me to sleep. 

My 6-month baby bump during my baby shower
What else, but Hello Kitty! ♥
It was a humid June of 2008 that I needed to change outfit
and show my engorged cleavage. 🙂

I really wish I was pregnant instead of taking this Methergine thing. I can endure having a candy in my mouth as I sleep (avoiding to throw up), which I did when I was pregnant with LB; than having this Methergine as if an alien was lurking inside my tummy. Oh, if you’re pregnant right now, you are so blessed! Not all women has been blessed to be so. There are women who went through a series of infertility tests so they could get pregnant but still can’t, others have danced in Obando, Bulacan to no avail and there are some who preferred to adopt. I am not planning to do at least one of the three. I am still hopeful that I would be able to have a normal (yes, morning sickness included!) 9-month ride with my second baby. And third. And fourth. 

To show how I am still thankful to God for keeping me safe despite losing Baby Blood, Mustela Philippinesand yours truly will be giving away this 9 months gift pack to one lucky winner! It includes 125ml & 10ml tubes of Mustela Specific Support Bust that helps post-pregnancy breast get back to its firmness and can also soothe tightness; 10ml sachet of Body Restructuring Gel, which contains natural ingredients that aim to firm, remodel & tone skin; 10ml tube Stretch Marks Double Action, which prevents & reduces new & recent battle scars; 3ml sachet of Nursing Comfort Balm, which could help heal a breastfeeding momma’s nipple; Mustela Bebe 50 ml Dermo Cleansing Gel & 5 ml Vitamin Barrier Cream for your newborn.

Here are my few reminders — anyone could participate, pregnant or not; the Rafflecopter widget is very friendly, however, it is very honest. When it asks you to provide a requirement to make your entry valid, kindly do so. This will be a short giveaway as I will announce the winner after 9 days. Participants should have a valid Philippine shipping address. I hope this simple giveaway will serve as my lucky charm in wishing to be a mom the second time around. 🙂



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