NutriShake Chocolate For Kids. Product Review

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I was so excited to try this NutriShake – a vitamin- infused chocolate milkshake for kids. 
My son Caleb is very picky in taking vitamins and was looking for a product to help him get the nutrients he needs. 

Good thing that I am one of the people who can try this new product from

One Shake Per Day helps a lot in boosting your kids nutrition. NutriShake for Kids bridges the nutritional gap with 30 essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients necessary to keep kids growing bodies their healthy best and to help boost energy and mental performance. Fortified with cell-protecting antioxidants, whole bean soy, plus the “brain-building” nutrients DHA, PS and PC. One shake a day is all it takes. Ideal for children ages 4–12.
It is in chocolate flavor but it comes in off white colored powder. To make an 8-ounce drink, add 3 scoops per serving in lukewarm or cold water. Caleb likes it to be a cold drink as long as you mix it well. It would be better f you have a shaker or blender. You can try making your favorite smoothie with your favorite fruit and add in NutriShake instead of milk!
Its taste is similar to a cereal milk drink, It was not too sweet and does not taste chocolate so I think kids will like it better if it is served cold. 

They also offer a guarantee. Yes! If your kids don’t love NutriShake send it back within 30 days of purchase for a no-questions-asked refund.
The NutriShake For Kids tub is in 450 grams and packaging is great for it was sealed properly. It is currently on sale for just Php 1,600 and of free shipping. It originally costs Php 1,900 and can make 15 servings.
Price might be expensive considering that it is a local product but given that it has a lot of nutrients, it is a good replacement for kids who find it difficult to drink multivitamin syrup or maybe tablet and capsule. Now, you can replace it with a vitamin shake drink.   
Here is a link to the video of me and Caleb about the NutriShake Chocolate product. 

You can buy NutriShake on their website:

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