Things to improve in your condo before selling

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Living in a condo gives full comfort while having amenities that will surely make your living on a whole new level. From having the space that you need inside your unit to have a pool where you can enjoy and relax while getting rid of the stress of daily life. But what if you needed to move to another location because of your work, or having a great opportunity for the family to live in your dream country? Is your condo still in a good state to sell or do you need to improve it before selling?

Here are ways on what you can do to improve your condo before selling:

  1. New Paint

As your condo goes wear-and-tear of the years, a little bit of paint goes a long way. A fresh coat of interior paint will magically erase small dings or scratches accumulated throughout the years and give your condo newly painted walls and you might want to update the color combination of each room.

  1. New Appliances

New, shiny appliances such as stove or refrigerator make an older unit feel brand new again and gives higher value to families that want to move in on a semi or fully furnished condo. This can make them want a unit that they don’t have to buy their own stuff such as basic appliances.

  1. Update light fixtures

Outdated lamps and chandeliers can deter some buyers and can be an eyesore. Many hardware stores offer contemporary and reasonably priced light fixtures that brighten up and update a room. Check lightbulbs on each room to check if you need to replace it.

  1. Update the essentials

Checking the electrical panel for a possible tear or update the wiring of the house if needed to make sure that the next owner will have a peace of mind once they move in.

  1. Have it insured

Insurance is mostly neglected nowadays as many homeowners don’t see the need for having one. While many insurance companies give so many promises but few are just keeping their word, but not Malayan Insurance. For over 70 years Malayan Insurance gained the reputation as the country’s premiere non-life insurance, and as a homeowner, you need an insurance product such as PROPERTY INSURANCE that provides property coverage for potential losses to both the structure of the house and its contents. This will give an assurance to the new owner of your condo and will give them peace of mind while living comfortably. Included are damages resulting from:

  • Fire and Lightning
  • Earthquake Fire & Earthquake Shock
  • Typhoon & Flood* (New!)
  • *subject to underwriting evaluation and approval
  • Riots, Strikes and Malicious Damage
  • Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks, Pipes & Fittings (BOWTAP)
  • Sprinkler Leakage
  • Volcanic Eruption (New!)
  • Extended Coverage (Smoke Damage, Explosion, Vehicular Impact & Falling Aircraft)

Evaluating which repairs you should make to your condo requires research and careful consideration of your budget. Choose the repairs that won’t break the bank, having simple upgrades like replacing old fixtures and a fresh coat of paint can be a great way to brighten up your space and increase your condo’s value.



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