5 Reasons To Love The New Home-theater RAY Smart Projector

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Working at home for 11 years made me become more innovative in finding ways to improve my mood. To stay productive, I have a dedicated workstation for work, prepare my to-do list and learn to set boundaries.

After working hours, I make sure to have time to bond with my son. Watching movies is one of them.  We used to watch movies and Netflix on my laptop.

Finding a time to relax before we sleep as I watch in a home cinema is one of my dreams. Since I cannot afford to have a home theatre, I started to research a portable projector.

Good thing that I found RAY Smart. It is a brand of LUMOS Projector Philippines that originates from Singapore. They recently launched in the Philippines and let me experience the RAY Smart projector.

RAY Smart projector –
An All-in-one projector with Netflix, YouTube, & built-in speakers.
Turn your room’s wall into a Home Cinema affordably.

It’s portable yet powerful!  Packing only all the essential specs for a home cinema in your bedroom. It has bright and sharp images and has Inbuilt Dolby Audio Speakers.

Did I mention that it is easy to use? Yes! It is plug and play.

5 Reasons To Love The New RAY Smart Projector

  1. Compact yet Elegant Look – I love that it is a minimalist style. The RAY smart is in white color and has black in its side parts and in the handle of the product. It is lightweight and compact and adds a touch of modernity to your room.

It might be small but has a powerful Inbuilt Dolby Audio which gives a good cinematic surround sound. Not just good to use in the bedroom, but you can also bring it in the living room or outdoors.


  1. Massive Screen with Little Space. It is a Short Throw projector which means you only need 1-3 meters to get a decent screen size. It can project an impressive 100-inch screen.

720p HD clear resolution – It has a Great Visual Clarity (1080p Blu-Ray Support)

Bright 3,000 Lumens – Normal portable projectors are around 1,000 lumens. The Smart RAY has High Brightness of 3,000 Lumens which makes the colours more vivid in darkness (not grainy or washed out).

  1. Inbuilt Netflix + YouTube – The most used 2 apps by Filipinos.

This is very special as traditional projectors usually are not smart. This projector has its own inbuilt Android operating system which makes it literally plug and play. It is Wi-Fi enabled with Inbuilt Netflix/YouTube/Casting Apps/Playstore, Bluetooth and has keystone correction functions. It is also able to support external inputs like laptops/USB/TV Box/consoles etc.

  1. Wireless Mirror Casting – Simply open the inbuilt Air Screen app & connect via Wi-Fi to mirror smartphone. Most use it to play mobile games, use Spotify, or even Zoom call over a huge screen while lying in bed.
  1. Trusted Brand – Since the Philippines’ launch, the LUMOS brand has received many satisfied user reviews on its website with hundreds of 5-star reviews showing actual faces, photos & videos.

Here are the product specifications of RAY Smart:

The LUMOS RAY Projector

By popular demand, Singapore and Malaysia’s #1 Home Cinema Brand is now in the Philippines!

Bringing the best quality projectors – home projectors, cinema projectors, business projectors, and mini projectors at market-breaking prices to Filipinos. They offer a full 1-year local warranty and dedicated customer support.

Since its launch in the Philippines, the LUMOS RAY Projector brand has received many satisfied user reviews on its website with hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Visit https://www.lumosprojector.ph/sherfriends website for further enquiries.



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