God’s Supernatural Favor

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1 Samuel 2:7
The Lord sends poverty and wealth; he humbles and he exalts

God’s Supernatural Favor
There is a distinction between natural favor and supernatural favor. Natural favor must be earned, but supernatural favor is a gracious gift from God.

Personal Insight:
We should live with the freedom and liberty that comes from living in God’s favor. Regardless of the circumstances that come into my life last July to August wherein I was hospitalized and was about to die due to sickness of Appendectomy and Illus, I believed of God’s supernatural favor of healing. Last August 1, I was discharged of the hospital and received a second life from God.
Doctors’ thought it was really a miracle and that I am lucky… but it is not being lucky. It is being BLESSED BY GOD’S SUPERNATURAL FAVOR…
Despite how hopeless things may seem, God can lift you up. If your life is in His hands, the light of the Lord shines upon you.



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