Shermaine is a Certified Digital Business Strategist, Social Media Strategist and Entrepreneur.

Hi, I’m Shermaine,
I embarked on a journey of working in a BPO and Human Resource Industry for 6 years, renting a room in a city 5 hours away from the family to earn a decent living.

I love technology and  discovered the world of online freelancing and digital marketing. 
With more than a decade of experience, I was able to launched and developed brands and businesses of more than 200+ clients. Including e-commerce, services, coaches, technology, restaurants and health and medical field globally and locally. Including clients from United States of America, Japan, Australia, Israel and other Asian Countries. 

I am a Co-Founder of a Social Media Agency named Ignite Media founded in 2019 and ventures on food franchising businesses.
We help business owners to build POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL BRANDS through Digital Marketing using social media, blog and vlog.

Sherfriends is an inspiration and lifestyle blog with topics on Social Media Marketing, Tech, Beauty, Work at home mom, events, and more.

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