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4 types of Lovers

a.       Lovers of self

b.      Lovers of money

c.       Lovers of Pleasure

d.      Lovers of God

True Christian should be a lover of God.  But, instead of being a lover of God, what happens is one becomes a lover of himself. The main focus is about one’s reputation, rights, beliefs, and feelings. Someone is easily get hurt when offended. A person gets offended when someone sins against us.

One who loves God never gets offended. If we are a disciple of Jesus we do not have the right to get hurt from being offended. Being offended is a sin. It brings pride and unforgiveness. It stirs up negative feelings and emotions like anger, sadness and disappointment.

As the bible passage says, “Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be THY name”… it means HIS name, so let us forget about ourself and focus on our Lord. This is what it means by “ Take up the cross and follow me”. It is forgetting about ones self to follow God.

 We often hate to look at ourselves and find the blame because of love of self. Being wrong is uncomfortable. We like our sense of self and we don’t like for it to be challenged. But if there is a reward greater than the pain, or a pain greater than the reward of self, we will be motivated to change! Let us not let offense be a stumbling block for us. If we are mature and real Christian, we will not let ourselves bring strife and division from the body of Christ.  This message is a warning that nobody can change you from the love of yourself if you do not want to be free from yourself.



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